Personalized security solutions so you can choose the protection YOU want


Get your family out safe before a threat arises with early fire and CO detection.


Enjoy peace of mind with a 24-hour nationwide monitoring network


Introducing smarter security. One where you have full control of your smart home and automation systems with a simple touch. The ADT Command acts as the command center for your secured smart home and has a sleek, modern design. This intuitive wireless keypad allows you to add indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras, smart lights, locks and thermostats to your ADT system. And with ADT’s mobile app, take the controls with you.


ADT’s indoor and outdoor security cameras empower you to stay connected to your home and property 24/7 by providing a virtual 720p HD view in real-time. For added protection, a live video clip can be sent to your phone the moment motion is detected inside or outside your home. To ensure uninterrupted monitoring service, ADT’s outdoor security cameras are weatherproof; designed to be snow, rain and humidity resistant.


A single ADT motion sensor can cover an area as big as 35’ by 40’ so most homeowners only need one or two to cover multiple high traffic areas. Movement triggers the sensor and instantly alerts ADT monitoring professionals. You can also set your system to automatically turn on the lights when the motion sensor is triggered at night. It’s also important to monitor movement at entry points such as doors and windows. ADT’s window and door sensors allow you to know if your windows and doors are opened unexpectedly. For added protection, you can create an automation to activate your ADT indoor/outdoor cameras so you can see who triggered a sensor.


In an emergency, every second counts. It could be the difference between life and death. Our smoke communicator uses photoelectric and rise of heat technology to measure air density. Our carbon monoxide communicator uses electrochemical sensing technology to monitor air and carbon monoxide concentrations in your home. These early detection mechanisms alert you the moment danger is sensed and with ADT’s Monitoring service, emergency services are automatically dispatched to your home.


Home or away, we help keep you protected. We provide multiple ways in which you can quickly request police, medical or fire assistance. When you press your emergency button an ADT agent can dispatch first responders directly to your current location. With ADT monitoring, help is a touch away, 24/7.

ADT Monitoring Helps Save Lives

Your protection is our priority. ADT Monitoring has six strategically placed interconnected monitoring centers throughout the United States to ensure uninterrupted protection for your home and loved ones. Being interconnected is important because if the center closest to you goes down for any reason, another center is there to provide backup which was proven effective during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In addition to 24/7 protection, ADT monitoring customers find peace of mind knowing they can expect shortened response times which minimizes homeowner risk. Those saved moments have the power to change everything.

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ADT is the #1 home security monitoring service across the United States

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ADT responds to 33 Million alerts a year, averaging 90,000 per day.

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ADT has provided support in over 40,000 criminal cases.

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